island car adventure

Hello hello and welcome to my new blog at my new home of magic tree studios.

When I was pregnant with my little boy, I said to myself that I would start designing boy clothes if I had a boy, because they don't have as many cool options as girls do. So its four years later, and I finally made my first one, an island car shirt, because boys love cars, and island cars are FUN. i have met a lot of fun little island cars over the years and this design is a mash up of the most memorable ones. they are available for purchase in my shop

I have been learning and growing with my new passion for taking photos. I started when my children were born on my phone and at the beginning of this year, got my first dslr and have started shooting manual. i have enjoyed using it to take photos of my henna work, and also to take photos my kids and their adorable little friends. 

After I took these shots, I ended up writing a little story to go with them, so if you want to follow along, check out the captions in slide show. Thanks to all of the beautiful little models and Quin's daddy, for letting the kids take the car out for the day ;)